Tuesday, September 27, 2016

review: QVC 1 carat solitaire Diamonique rings

review QVC solitaire ring J326503 J326500 Diamonique Asscher Heart Pear shape cut gold platinum silver
I saw some really cute rings on QVC and bought a few different shapes (asscher, pear, heart)... the Diamonique quality was hit or miss, honestly- 75% good. The stone size is believable on my smaller hands, actually slightly smaller than 1 carat. The metal bands were really nice tho, and smooth- almost "comfort fit" type rings.
Diamonique 1.00 cttw Solitaire Ring Asscher cut Heart Pear shape Round Princess Oval QVC
Diamonique 1.00 cttw Solitaire Ring, on sale $22.72 each + $3 shipping
item # J326503 (14K Yellow Clad)
item # J326500 (Platinum Clad)
QVC Diamonique hit ot miss stone asscher cut cloudy sparkle poor quality control
I bought the ASSCHER cut Diamonique in both the yellow gold & platinum bands, LOOK!
The DQ stone on the platinum is clear and sparkles- the DQ stone on the yellow gold is cloudy. Disappointing.
Where's your quality control, QVC?? This is how you lose customers!
I'm making this post because when I google searched for customer pics of these QVC rings nothing came up-
so I hope this helps anyone considering a QVC Diamonique purchase in the future :-)
I took multiple pics of the good Diamonique rings to give you a better idea of the cut/clarity/sparkle:
haul QVC home shopping tv DQ Diamonique Epiphany platinum clad rings 1.0 carat customer review QVC.com CZ diamond jewelry item J326503 14k yellow gold J326500 platinumPear Heart Asscher Oval Round Princess cut Diamonique stones ring review QVC.com haul jewelry quality clarity diamond fake
The pear cut has the best sparkle I think, but these are all beautiful. The band is thick, maybe 3mm? It feels solid and nice on my finger. Strong prongs, too. I wish these rings came in a rose gold option! I'm happy with my purchase overall- instead of returning the "ugly" ring I think I'll just replace the stone with something else (because I love the band).
For anyone else who loves CZ jewelry, I've found this website that sells the most amazing quality, cuts, and color of
 loose cz stones: http://www.diamondcz.co.uk
DIY jewelry making cz ebay gemstones sterling silver rings blue topaz tanzanite marquise asscherdiamondcz.co.uk cubic zirconiz cz loose stones cuts colors diamond champagne hearts arrows asschercut color quality round pear old mine cushion radiant modern square princess heart www.diamondcz.co.uk engagement rings
Here are some rings I put together, I LOVE the modern radiant cuts because they sparkles like crazy!
The best round are "hearts & arrows"~ get the warm or yellow tint to make it most diamond-realistic.
"Champagne" color looks a little like sparkly citrine and "lavender" is a darker purple than I'd prefer.
I think the marquise tanzanite looks way more classy+expensive than clear cz marquise stones.

I made a new order and took pics- you should know that the stones arrive wrapped in tissue paper so Be Careful!!

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