Thursday, July 20, 2017

(review) my BERRICLE rings, cz and sapphire styles

This review post is for anyone interested in buying Berricle cz rings- this is my independent experience ordering and owning this brand in different styles. I hope this helps. Spoiler: they're nice but I wouldn't pay full price, wait for the 40% off sales or buy used!

Berricle sells rings on their website and on eBay, but prices differ slightly and the website often has sale codes so compare before you buy! I've also found used Berricle rings from individual eBay sellers as well- I like seeing the used auction pics because it shows how well Berricle jewelry quality stands up over time. I don't think Berricle is any better than other retail cz rings.

My Berricle ring collection includes:

1. cushion cut (0.46ct center) solitaire ring set with half-eternity bands (0.76ctw)
This is the only ring set I bought from website. Shipping took 1 week; items arrived in nice red boxes. I love having 2 separate eternity bands, sometimes I put one on my right hand. I do not like how lightweight these rings are, not a substantial amount of silver here, feels cheap. Looks cheap honestly. The cz is good quality but not amazing- definitely not mistakable for diamonds.
I really wanted to love this ring set but it feels like wasted money :(
2. round cut (0.46ct center) 5-stone ring set with half-eternity bands (1.05ctw)
I bought this ring set off eBay, I think it was "new without tags". The miligrain work on the rings is nice, these settings look expensive. It's super *sparkly*! It's also low set which is nice for everyday life. The engagement ring alone looks like 3 rings put together, bit more comfortable to wear :) I think the extra band makes the set "too blingy" to be believable on my finger tho... Maybe if you have a size 6+ finger it'll look real, my size 4.5 fingers make 'diamonds' seem bigger/unbelievable.
3. halo created blue sapphire (0.46ct) ring on a half-eternity band (0.63ctw)
I bought this ring used from an eBay seller (it was not cleaned before taking these pics). The silver feels substantial which I like. I don't like how fake/blue/translucent the "sapphire" looks. Almost all sapphires on the market now are lab created, the only natural ones left are very dark and more opaque. I like how low set the ring is on my finger. It never catches on my hair or clothes 😊 and it reminds me of Princess Diana. Overall I think this ring looks cheap, like I bought it from Walmart. But I like to wear it- I'm not afraid of damaging it while cleaning or doing yard work. Good costume jewelry.

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