Monday, July 16, 2018

(review) ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear Maximum Cover Foundation

Ok, so I've obviously been beaten with the ugly stick this past year-- I need EXTREME coverage foundation ASAP! I was patiently dealing with the struggle but today I had a breakdown prompted by a stupid Mac saleslady who wouldn't mind her own buisness. So here we are, trying:Estee Lauder Double Wear MAXIMUM Cover Camouflage Makeup For Face and Body SPF 15
1C1 Cool Bone (palest color)
It is super heavy coverage.
WARNING! this stuff dries & sets quickly so you have to do one area of your face at a time. This stuff stays put! LoL touch your face as much as you want, *amazing*!
The best tool I found to apply this foundation was a brush, dab! dab! dab! Don't swipe. Then I dabbed more foundation onto spots that needed it.It dries matte. And cakey on me- I need to find a better primer.You don't have to use a setting powder. You shouldn't because that makes it super cakey!It did not work well as an under eye concealer on me.
Try #2:
Final conclusion: good enough but not a miracle. It keeps my redness covered all day but it makes me look like I have bad makeup skills because it's so darn cakey. It's not covering dry skin or textured bumps/dips well.Estee Lauder Maximum Double Wear matches my color better than Laura Geller foundation BUT Laura Geller looks smoother on my skin.

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