Monday, March 29, 2021

Maybelline Snapscara: black cherry, deja blue, ultra violet mascara (review)

This mascara is worth every penny! I ran back to Dollar Tree and bought every mascara they had in every color 😂
Nana Osaki applying mascara handheld mirror

I'm wearing the same blue/black eyeliner (blue voodoo by laura geller)in all these pics, but the eyeshadows are different.
* * * * * *
BLACK CHERRY: looks like soft black mascara
Honestly I was really afraid this would look like a brown mascara but it doesn't! It looks black.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
DEJA BLUE: royal blue- this is a real *pop* of color!
(To make it more wearable for everyday and to work, I like to apply black mascara first and then highlight it with this blue mascara)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
ULTRA VIOLET: royal purple- I feel like this made the whites of my eyes look *whiter* somehow

anime Nana Osaki blinking eyelashes purple eyeshadow beautiful eyes
* * * * * *
Update: I have seen TJ Maxx stores selling these same mascaras for $2.99 😂 so I feel extra lucky I found them at Dollar Tree 💜 $1

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

My Dollar Tree Gnome Garden

Gnome Village pinecone house teapot cottage pond garden mushroomsDollar Tree mini figurines collection gnomes elves fairies Santa squirrels turtles

 I have an unhealthy obsession with Dollar Tree gnomes lol! I now own an entire village that lives on my bookshelf. What am I doing? 😂 this is insane! I had to put half the village in Fairy Prison because my bookshelf doesn't have enough space for them all 😂 this is Covid, folks! Safe distance!!

David the Gnome taking as bath clothes on hat girl screamingDollar Tree haul female gnomes Fairy Garden Collection spring 2021Dollar Tree Haul gnomes cactus house teapot garden fairy
These are my newest additions: lady gnomes 💜
And vegetable garden lol my gnome village is self-sustainable! How crazy is that?! 😆
Dollar Tree garden elves village beehive pond crittersgnome vegetable garden carrots lettuce

Here's some cute gnome houses I found at Hobby Lobby. They look super similar to the Dollar Tree ones

I also want to point out that Hobby Lobby is selling the same metal butterfly yard decor as I bought at Dollar Tree 🧐🤔 interesting, huh? Different colors but the same!!
And these solar bulb lights! Hobby Lobby vs Dollar Tree 😲

Also, I want to WARN everyone: do not order from and pick your order up from the store. My store opened my package and put my items on the shelves to sell. I've never been so pissed!! And when I talked with other women on Facebook they had the same thing happen to them RIDICULOUS! 😡😡😡

Saturday, February 13, 2021

(review) Mally 24/7 Eye lining System "Plum"

This 4 piece kit includes an eyeliner pencil, dual-ended brush, bullet-proof white powder, and an eyeshadow. This "plum" color is more of an eggplant/ cool tone brown. Very natural makeup. Not outrageous.
 Mally 24/7 Eye Lining System review Plum eyeliner powder kit

This is a makeup product where you really need to 


apply white eyeshadow over eyeliner

Step 1: apply eyeliner pencil

Step 2: apply white powder over eyeliner

Plum color Mally Beauty eyeliner kit 4 pieces

Step 3: apply eyeshadow on top of white powder (the white powder glues the eyeshadow to the eyeliner to make it *pop* and last a night long!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I tried using the white and plum powders over a random black eyeliner to see if it could look less natural (lol I'm a punk girl!) and it still looked crazy "normal" 🤷 I think plum just looks bad with my eye color- it would look good on honey or hazel eyes. 
If I was an army girl wearing olive camo all the time tho, I would totally rock plum.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

(haul) Dollar Tree skincare

There's a lot of new skincare stuff at Dollar Tree. I'm pretty picky about their skincare and always read the ingredients lists! I stay away from things containing mineral oil because that clogs my pores, I get blackheads. I'm also not a big fan of coconut oil or aloe.
Tea Tree night lotion and facial oil- these look promising. Tea tree oil saved my skin from rosacea,
 I use TTO every night so I'll try these 🙂
"Eyelash Enhancer Serum" 😂 ok... Castor oil.
This Sassy + Chic facial cleansing brush is loud!
I hope DT starts stocking refill brush heads.
Skin Nutritions serums: hyaluronic acid, vitamin c 

Global Beauty Care "lift & firm" and "brightening" eye creams. Peptides, glycolic acid, vitamin c, and sodium hyaluronate- impressive huh? Actually... there's less than 1% of those ingredients I the cream, but I tried it anyway- and it's just ok 🤷 It's from the dollar store so lower your expectations, please 😄
Dollar Tree Beauty Guru under eye essential oil serum
Beauty Guru is a brand designed by an aromatherapist, I guess I can give it whirl 🤷 frankencense is good for lightening under eyes. Seabuckhorn oil encourages blood flow. Coffee reduces puffiness. Lemon is vitamin c for skin brightening. Rosehip oil is good. Only thing that makes me uncomfortable here is the coconut oil- I can't use this during the day because it will dissolve my makeup! 🤦
Dollar Tree hyaluronic acid eye cream really works
Global Beauty Care has a hyaluronic acid skin cream. You know I love hyaluronic acid! 💜

And some other stuffs: pearl & gemstone craft sticker appliques, hair coil thingees
jump rings & lobster claw clasps for jewelry making