Monday, November 10, 2014

Hard Candy Holiday Collection Eyeshadow Singles

Hard Candy has a holiday collection available at Walmart.
I bought these "Baked Eye Shadow" singles  (0.07oz/2.1g)for $1 each.
gold #4102 metallic 
pink #4099 not pigmented at all 
magenta #4104 has an iridescent sheen 
lavender #4098 
purple #4097
[forest green, bronze, and aqua blue eye shadows were also available]
Here are dry swatches, I used my finger and no primer so we can see their true pigmentation- 
The eyeshadows are super sheer and a little shimmery. I had to keep rubbing and layering the pink eyeshadow for any color to show up at all- how disappointing! The magenta would probably work best as a blush. The gold is my favorite, I will probably use this as a highlighter in the summer.
BAKED eyeshadows are special in that whey can be used wet or dry... I know this...
but I don't like using damp brushes- and if the eyeshadows don't look good applied dry,
then that's like 50% useless, right? RIGHT! No thank you.

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