Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Milani INFINITE liquid eye liner (review)

  Milani INFINITE liquid eye liner "up to 24 hour wear"
I bought this eyeliner at Dollar Tree, and it is AMAZING!!
If you ever have to wake up early the next morning and know you won't have time for perfect makeup,
I highly recommend applying this eyeliner before bed-
then in the morning you'll only have to apply mascara and you're good to go!
Of course this will only work if you are not a face-in-the-pillow-type sleeper haha :-)
I wore this eyeliner to dinner last night and before bed I used a facial cloth to clean my face all around except my eyes. (I don't recommend sleeping in your mascara+eyeshadow but I did this time, oh well)
Here are photos comparing 6pm vs. 6am next morning:
I looked *perfect* at 6am :-) so here's a photo of me later at 3pm:
A photo of me at 6pm (so wearing the eyeliner a full 24 hours!) looking great:
I had to touch up my bottom waterline and mascara tonight, but my liquid liner stayed flawless.
And a last photo at 11 pm, after 30 hours of wear:
I look tired as hell because it was a LONG day, but my eyeliner stayed put :-) LOVE IT!!!

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