Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dollar Tree Haul + mini reviews

 Acne Free "Energizing Acne Cleanser" with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide
REVIEW: the "Iced Orange & Mint" is really refreshing in the morning! I like that. There are a few microbeads in this cleanser but not enough to actually exfoliate, in my opinion. This face wash left my face *clean*. This was a good purchase!
KISS brand "gel DRESS" nail appliques with accent stickers

Maybelline Great Lash GREEN mascara & Goody Spin Pin Luxe (jeweled butterflies)
Acne Treatment Oil-Free Astringent, REVIEW: this actually smells good (slightly sweet)
CHARCOAL Face Mask and Face Wash REVIEW: the face mask does not dry/solidify on my face so after 5min I rub it around my face like a scrub & rinse off. It leaves my face feeling slimy so then I follow up with the creamy soft face wash. As a "2-step" system I like these products, but I still get blackheads so don't have high expectations. And don't use this masque in the shower- rinsing makes it splash everywhere making an ugly, dirty mess.
Eye Cream and Night Cream- retinol? Wow!

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