Friday, May 8, 2015

Review: Essie "Sleek Stick" nail appliques

These are the first nail appliques I have ever tried using... so maybe that explains why it took me 30minutes to actually finish putting them on, haha! So I put each sticker on, fold over the edge and nail file the excess off, and voilĂ ! perfect fancy manicure! and boy, did these look fancy with the little crystals- I just wish I could have done a better job at applying the stickers smoothly without wrinkles.
You should wait an hour before getting them wet, but these things are waterproof!
They survived showers, doing the dishes, cleaning the house- they're pretty darn durable.
Here are photos of the nail appliques the day I put them on, pretty nice, huh?
And here are what my nails looked like 5 days later:
You can see the edges are chipped, I'm pretty rough on my hands everyday- but these nail stickers lasted better than regular nail polish would have over 5 days! The stickers stayed tight on my nails and no jewels fell off, this is fantastic. If I would have had matching grey nail polish I might have tried filling in the chips with color and wearing the nail stickers for another week, haha.
Removing the nail appliques is so easy LOL I can't believe how EASY it is to just peel the stickers off! Seriously, it took me 30min to put these darn things on and just 30seconds to rip them off, go figure.
The only annoying thing is that the stickers leave some residue on your nails that need rubbing off.

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