Friday, June 5, 2015

Coastal Scents HAUL

I have ZERO experience with Coastal Scents until today. I used to watch youtube videos with girls raving about some "88 color palette" but I would never use all those colors *shrug* I don't wear browns or nude/basic colors. So I never ventured over to their website...
until my ELF haul :-) I got a few of those refillable compacts, and 26mm pans fit- which happens to be a popular eyeshadow pan size, like for Mac and Coastal Scents haha so OK I'll give them a try!
Coastal Scents haul eyeshadow hot pots lavender white bronze diamond concelaer light mediumELF custom compact eyeshadow quad palette white fits Mac pans Coastal Scentsdepotting Mac eyeshadow pots filling my ELF palette haul
VoilĂ ! now I have my own contour & highlighting palette :-)
I bought 3 concealer pots (#1, 2, 3) and 7 eyeshadows (white silver, ice ballet, lavender, amethyst, edgy eggplant, bombshell, emerald ice). The pink+red triangles are free blush samples.

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