Saturday, June 27, 2015

KISS Gel Dress nail stickers (review)

I bought these KISS peel-off nail appliques at Dollar Tree and decided now would be a fun time to first try "Starry Night"... I started off this great adventure by applying 4 nail stickers on backwards :-( WARNING FOR ANYONE ELSE USING THESE: THE ROUND PART GOES ON THE MOONS OF YOUR NAILS! FLAT SIDE OF THE SITCKER GETS FILED OFF! :-) omg what a trainwreck!
So I finally got these boogers all over my fingers... and they looked hideous :-(
Here's what they look like after 2 days and a shower:
And Day #3 these stickers can't handle a little housework,
they're ragged towards the tips and snagging my hair :-( no bueno!
The only good thing I have to say about these is that when I peeled them off my fingernails (Day#4),
there was no sticky residue left on my nails *deep breath*

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