Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Milky Way MARSHMALLOW (review)

Milky Way "Marshmallow with Caramel" was the *BEST* 89cents I've ever spent at Dollar Tree!
I didn't realize how incomplete my life was until I met this candy bar! HOLY CRAP!!
Instead of the usual nougat, this Milky Way has marshmallow flavored nougat, so smooth and fluffy, mmmm!
I love marshmallow and I pretty much ran out of the store so I could eat the candy bar ASAP! In my car in the pouring rain lol that first bite into this Milky Way Marshmallow candy bar was truly special :-) I'd like to thank Sweet Baby Jesus for putting a camera on my cell phone- "Marshmallow" is Limited Edition but now my memories are *forever*!

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