Monday, June 1, 2015

Sally Beauty Haul FAIL

I will NEVER order from again! It's a SCAMMY company!
Sally Beauty had a recent "take an extra 50% off all clearance" sale, so...
I excitedly ordered 68 items... but only 17 arrived on my doorstep! WHAT THE HELL, SALLY BEAUTY?!!!
First thing I did was check and MANY of the "out of stock" items I did not get are still for sale on their website... so clearly they're IN STOCK, right? (the Silk Elements Color Sealer, Silk Elements Replenishing Conditioner, Style It Up Animal Barrettes... HOW MANY LIES AM I GOING TO CATCH YOU IN, SALLY??)
So I called Sally Beauty to complain and this is what they told me: BUYER BEWARE!
The Sally Beauty computer system only updates the inventory every 24 hours***, so there will ALWAYS be a chance the items you order will be out of stock- and you'll be out of luck! And Sally Beauty doesn't do backorders, especially on clearance items. But "don't worry, your credit card was not charged for the unshipped items"-- SO WHAT?! SALLY, YOU STILL WASTED MY TIME!!!
***this is a blatant lie! Either the items were never out of stock... Or the computer system never ever updated and plenty more customers are getting scammed daily. The operator I talked to today said my items were still "out of stock", it's been a week since I ordered--ummm, Wtf? as we speak my items on the website are still 'in-stock' and available for purchase, so why didn't inventory update to 0 at all this past week? 
Sally's is just lying and not sending me my stuff because I bought too many things on sale and they don't like that
Oh Wait! LOL the real gem of this story is that they were nice enough to include a coupon for "$5 off a $25 purchase" LOOOOOOL because yeah... like I'll ever be ordering from them again!
UPDATE: I contacted Sally Beauty on their facebook page and AGAIN THEY PULLED THIS SCAM CRAP TELLING ME "OH WOW, LOOKS LIKE ITEMS ARE BACK IN STOCK NOW! IF YOU WANT TO RE-ORDER WE'LL GIVE YOU A 20% OFF COUPON" --Umm... NO! reordering with 20% off is NOT equal to the "extra 50% off" price you originally sold me the items for! I'M NOT STUPID, SALLY, YOU SCAMMER!
AND Why would a company ever Re-Stock Clearance items?! "Clearance" means they've lowered the price
 to get rid of all that product's inventory- they're not going to buy more. Sound fishy???? SALLY=SCAMMY!

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