Tuesday, July 21, 2015

mini Dollar Tree Haul + a review

Sally Hanson "Salon Effects: Real Nail Polish Strips" REVIEW: these are a little more tricky to apply than other nail stickers, but the designs are super cute!
They lasted 5 days on my nails. When these chipped off my nails (starting day 3), huge chunks/flakes came off and that was really ugly. These nail appliques do not peel off easily like other nail stickers, you actually have to use nail polish remover to get your nails clean *sigh* it's a hassle!
As Seen on TV "hot jewels" temporary body tattoos REVIEW: I like this Swedish blogger (kissies.se) and she's been wearing these metallic jewelry tattoos for the past year- I've also seen a bunch of hipster vloggers wear them to Coachella lol what better way to accessorize fake bohemian clothing than with fake tattoo jewelry?!
fabric tape, washi tape, and colorful ribbon (Walmart charges $1.99+ for these spools)

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