Monday, August 3, 2015

Dollar Tree Makeup Haul with swatches

Maybelline COLOR TATTOO Pure Pigments review: swatches (left to right)
30 black mystery (not too pigmented black but really pretty shimmer in it),
15 potent purple (barely pigmented, a huge disappointment),
20 pink rebel (weak color pay-off, might make a good shimmery blush), 
5 never fade jade (super pigmented! bright color and not as shimmery as others),
35 breaking bronze (super pigmented! rich bronze/coppery metallic with luster),
60 buff & tuff (no pigmentation but lots of shimmer, good for a highlighter maybe?),
 25 wild gold (strong yellow gold color with metallic luster/shimmer)
LA Colors liquid eyeliner NAVY: REVIEW this is crap! it's not blue in color at all, just black- and although it seems somewhat pigmented in swatches, you have to layer it on and it's spotty (especially towards the inner eye where eyes can get moist)
Lip Smackers lipgloss: strawberry blossom (yes it's really a sweet floral scent), raspberry (give lips a berry pink shimmer, juicy!), coconut ice (LOVE this! like coconut water, slightly sweet and not overwhelming at all), pink velvet gelato (kind of like a warm strawberry milkshake)
Wet n Wild "brass" cream glitter eyeshadow, Sesame Street tin boxes, huge tropical wall decorations

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  1. Just curious are the Maybelline color tattoo shadows still available at dollar trees??? Oh I hope so!!