Monday, August 10, 2015

review: Hormel JALAPENO Pepperonis

WARNING! 11/12/2015 UPDATE: an undercover video was leaked today online showing Hormel's pork slaughterhouse inflicting intentional cruelty on the pigs. It was graphic to say the least, showing pigs still alive and feeling pain- and even sick pigs oozing fluids were pushed down the line WTF?!We ate that sick pig- What about my safety&health, Hormel?!
If you google a little you can also find that dozens of workers in multiple plants (pork production and pet foods) have contracted neurological illnesses- and Hormel was disgusting enough to deny accountability even after losing lawsuits. Killing us and our pets without a second thought, Hormel will do anything for a dollar!
  I will never again purchase Hormel products.
Watch the video, cameras don't lie: those workers are fcuk'd in the head! Complete disregard for life, animal nor human. They think live pigs squealing while getting cut open is funny, they think humans eating diseased bacon is ok?! WTF
 I know meat+milk+egg production usually involves abuse and terrible living conditions for animals, I've cried over it many times. The best thing we can do is spend our money consciously, buy from ethical companies and show you support quality of life. I encourage everyone to google that video :-( and really learn about where our food comes from. I'm not saying everyone needs to turn vegan, but please stand up against animal cruelty! Respect your food, respect your body.
Hormel pork slaughterhouse video pig still alive bleeding on lineHormel animal cruelty video dragging sick pig abuse USDA
In case you haven't noticed yet: I LOVE PIZZA! and most importantly: I LOVE SPICY FOODS! MMMM!
Hormel now makes "JALAPENO PEPPERONIS" and let me tell you WOW! I was not expecting them to be so *SPICY* LOL they're delicious!!
I ate one right out of the package and it seriously had me drooling, look at this pic^
I made a yummy pizza and I recommend using 75% jalapeno pepperonis and 25% regular. 

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