Saturday, August 15, 2015

review: Skin Nutritions "Age Defy Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector"

I bought this "Skin Nutritions Dark Spot Corrector" a month ago at Dollar Tree...
 that's enough time to give a skin care product a thorough review, right? (maybe not, sorry!)
Dollar Tree REVIEW Skin Nutritions Dark Spot Corrector kojic acidSkin Nutritions Dark Spot Corrector DOLLAR TREE skincare sunspots face handsreview Skin Nutritions lightening face RETINYL PALMITATE peptides antioxidants AHAs kojic lactic ascorbic acid
SPOILER: this didn't get rid of my dark spot; I still don't know if I even like it *shrug* whatever.
I hoped it would get rid of my dark undereye circles, but that didn't happen either.
So everyday (morning and night) I use this rollerball all over my dark age spot, serum oozes out and then I pat it into my skin and let dry. There are a lot of good ingredients in this serum so eventually I started using it all over my face as well. But WARNING: if this is applied too thickly it won't absorb well... and then it feels sticky/tacky on your face, yuck.

Some ingredient breakdown info:
fade brown sun spots remover drugstore lightening cream serum KOJIC Lactic Ascorbic Acid GlycolicKOJIC ACID: this is the "skin lightning" ingredient, naturally derived from fungus, it's relatively safe for all skin types and long term use but sometimes irritation has been known to develop.
Kojic acid is usually 2% in skincare products, and studies say it's efficient at that low dose... but it can take up to 3 months to even start seeing results (I guess this is why I see no results yet after 1 month).
ACETYL GLUCOSAMINE: can inhibit melanin production (this is a skin lightening ingredient)
LACTIC ACID: gentle alpha hydroxyl acid (aha), exfoliates skin, brightens

BETA-CAROTENE: vitamin a
ASCORBIC GLUCOSIDE: natural vitamin c stabilized with glucose
ASCORBIC ACID: vitamin c
TOCOPHERYL ACETATE: form of vitamin e
fade dark spots undereye circles DollarTree beautiful bright blue eyes limbal rings black winged eyeliner CAMELLIA SINESIS LEAF EXTRACT: green tea extract, antioxidant
SACCHAROMYCES/XYLINUM/BLACK TEA FERMENT: kombucha, enhances skin radiance

PALMITOYL OLIGOPEPTIDE: stimulates collagen production
PALMITOYL TETRAPEPTIDE-7: stimulates collagen production
*fyi*  "Matrixyl 3000" is the combination of palmitoyl oligopeptide + palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7

HYDROXYETHYLCELLULOSE: thickening agent lol has nothing to do with skincare
PEG-14M: linked to cancer I just found out :-( but it's used a lot in lotions, cosmetics, and foods!


  1. I just bought this from the Dollar Store as well....and I'm giving it a try. I hope it helps with dark spots. We shall see...

  2. This stuff is absolutely amazing , u must have a skin care routine as well , I have tried everything from high end products that run me 70$ to products in between and I picked this up at dollar store and it has completely worked in only a week, who would have known , will be purchasing at least 8 more

  3. I'm using this now and the very first day I saw results! I have a lot of sun damage from living in the desert and I have tried many,many types of lighteners and this is the only one that I have seen work. Now granted, they all say it will take months to work and I usually end up giving up by the first month because they tend to not feel comfortable on the skin. I saw this at the dollar store and was like its probably junk but its only a buck so I bought. Put it on before bed, woke up and couldn't believe it! My asking to was considerably clearer and brighter. Put it on again that night, woke up late for work in the morning and rushed out without putting on makeup. But it looked like I had foundation on which confused me for a second till I realized, its just that my skin looked so good. By itself, without makeup! I have since bought 11 more ;)

  4. For a buck I got one and keep it in my fridge. I'm happy with it. I'm a guy.

  5. Absolutely amazing product when used as directed (twice a day). Improvement was noticed within a week - marked improvement in three. Product amount lasts for approximately two weeks - hence, I stocked up pretty well at Dollar Tree. I never want to be without it! :)

  6. I don't use as recommended, I use it when I remember and I must say I've seen a remarkable difference. I don't use it for ages spots because I don't have any. I use it for acne spots and it works. Unfortunately I don't live in the US but whenever I'm passing through Ft Lauderdale I try to pick up a few.

    1. You can buy them on

    2. I havent seen this in dollar tree in a long time. They sell the red one for under the eyes for dark circles and puffiness.

  7. Ive tried different products for my dark spots on my face, with very little results. Found this product at Dollar Tree. It's great. It works. I saw results within a week!

  8. I actually used it for scars and it gave me great results scars I thought would never go away went away is a very good product

  9. Had been thinking of finding something for my hands, getting some old spots. Walking thru $tree and saw this green tube. Couldn't believe it was for spots. Keep it in computer drawer and using 2x day. 2 weeks in and I'm definitely noticing a difference. Heading out to clean out what they have in stock.

  10. I just picked this up at my local family dollar it was about $2 and change..I have been using it at night & I'm not seeing any results yet but I'll keep using to see if it actually dies anything..I had a stubborn pimple that left a dark spot so I'm waiting to see if it works in it..I use it all over my face I started just using it on the spot I wanted to get rid time will tell

  11. I have been using this product for about​ a week and I see my dark spots starting to fade I will continue using it I use it for acne scaring I'm about to go clear out family dollars shelf

  12. I just bought this product at the dollar tree. I'm going to give it a week try.