Monday, October 26, 2015

review: COVERGIRL Super Sizer mascara & Intensify Me! liquid liner

SPOILER: mascara builds quickly which is great/ the eyeliner formula & brush is worthless crap!
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I bought this gift set of Cover Girl's new "SUPER SIZER" mascara and "INTENSIFY ME!" eyeliner at Walmart for $9.99, regularly they are $6.99 each (so I saved about $4, that's nice).
Let's talk about the INTENSIFY ME! liquid eyeliner pen first: the brush tip is shaped like a popsicle stick or kayak paddle, it's wide and flat but you can use it sideways to get a more precise line... or that's what COVERGIRL wants you to believe LOL this brush shape with the rounded tip was hard for me to work. Things got messy!
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And not only that but the eyeliner formula was thin, so I had to layer the eyeliner on at least 3 times to make it a dark black line- which meant more messes to clean up! The struggle was real.
messy eyeliner fail drugstore liquid CoverGirl intensify me liquidblastreview swatches application CoverGirl intensify me! eyeliner penblackest black Cover Girl intensify me eyeliner swatches review fail drugstore
Ok, now the SUPER SIZER mascara: 1 coat is nice & natural... (I cleaned up the eyeliner for these pics)
Cover Girl Intensify me liquid eyeliner Super Sizer mascara blackest blackCover Girl Intensify me! eyeliner Super Sizer mascara coat tutorial reviewCover Girl Intensify Me! liquidblast eyeliner new Super Sizer mascara haul review
2 coats of mascara is like *BAM*! Perfect! A+ ! I love this mascara!
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