Saturday, October 31, 2015

review: RENPURE shampoos & conditioners

Review for the RenPure shampoos and conditioners I found in huge liter bottles at Target and Walmart:
Argan Oil, Biotin & Collagen, and Coconut Cream flavors! haha
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To give a more well-rounded review, 2 people with 2 different hair types tested the products~
White Girl: long blonde hair, fine/thin, bleached, colored, damaged
Asian Guy: short thick black hair
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Argan Oil
White Girl loves this, it didn't strip the pink+purple dye from her hair, very easy to comb
Asian Guy: "I like it, this is good, my hair feels healthier"
Biotin & Collagen
White Girl: didn't like the shampoo (hair didn't feel clean) but LOVED the conditioner "so soft!!"
Asian Guy: "This stuff is my favorite! My scalp feels so moisturized, wow!"
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Coconut Cream (the loser of the bunch)
White Girl: "my hair felt coated and looked a little greasy/oily when dry, do not like"
Asian Guy: "this is just ok, whatever, definitely not as soft like the Biotin one. smells good"
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White Girl's final conclusion (since only my opinion matters here, haha :-)
** WINNERS = Argan Oil shampoo and the Biotin&Collagen conditioner  **

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