Friday, December 18, 2015

Dollar Tree Haul (Maybelline Baby Lips, L'Oreal HiP lipgloss duo, more!)

Surprise at my Dollar Tree today: Maybelline Baby Lips!
Berry Bomb, Pink Shock, Fierce N Tangy (yellow), Minty Sheer (green), and Oh! Orange!
I also found these pretty L'Oréal HiP lipgloss duos: 180 Swanky, 280 Chic, 380 Fashionista, and 480 Snazzy.
These are travel size and can slip on your keychain so that's fun!
Maybelline Baby Lips Dollar Tree haul berry pink tandy minty orange lip balmL'Oreal HiP color presso lipgloss duo swanky chic fashionista sassy Dollar Tree review haul
Connoisseurs brand jewelry cleaners (I see this stuff in the Walmart jewelry department all the time)- dry disposable jewelry wipes, ultrasoft jewelry polishing cloth, and concentrated jewelry cleaner. I'm nervous about using the liquid cleaner but I've used the polishing cloth to clean my tarnished sterling silver jewelry (if you're poor like me you know...) and it works like a dream :-)
Connoisseurs dry disposible jewelry wipes polishing cloth sterling silver rings necklacesConnosseurs concentrated jewelry cleaner 14k gold sterling silver Walmarthair pins dollar tree retro hairstyle updo tutorial buns braids bobbypins
I found U-shaped HAIR PINS! OMG I LOVE THESE!! Instead of regular bobby pins I started using these type of hair pins years ago and it has seriously saved my hair. It takes some practice to get updos to hold in place- and sometimes I will use like 20 pins haha- but they don't pull my hair out.
OMG! this cool dispenser! GET THIS IF YOU SEE IT! whatever you use cotton balls or cotton pads for, this little bottle is amazing! hold the cotton ball on the top and push down, the cotton ball gets soaked and you'll never have a mess or spill. I use them for nail polish remover and my face toner (witch hazel).
push down dispenser for liquids cotton balls pads makeup remover bottleclear plastic cosmetic organizer lipstick holder vanity beauty haulBonnie Bell lipgloss strawberry blossom shimmer pink eyes lips face pencil sharpener tools eyeliner
clear plastic cosmetic organizer (for lipsticks and makeup brushes)
Bonnie Bell lip gloss, and ELF pencil sharpener set (I always lose my eyeliner pencil sharpeners wtf)
cute kitten stockings for Christmas *meow* >'.'<
Dollar Tree calico cat merry christmas stocking green bow santa hatdollar store crafts bottons round stars organize pencil case box projects plasticMeow white cat christmas stocking red green stripe scarf holiday 2015 Santa giftsHO HO HO Santa green gift bags naughty girl Christmas stocking
colorful plastic buttons and Japanese style pencil cases (I used to have a Hello Kitty one growing up)

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