Wednesday, December 16, 2015

review: Simply Shea Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash (from Dollar Tree)

I bought this 6oz "Simply Shea" organic shea butter deep conditioner for my hair at Dollar Tree.
Dollar Tree Simply Shea Butter deep conditioner review co-wash hair treatmentSimply Shea deep conditioner ingredients list review haul dollar tree storegirl combing lavender hair gif making faces teeth surprise shower
I like to mix in some of my purple hair dye (Sparks "purple passion") in with my deep conditioners
so that it tones my hair a little at the same time = multi-taking, thumbs up!
So I slapped this stuff on my hair and let it set for 2 hours...
and my hair felt super soft and nice after I rinsed it out and for the rest of the night...
but the next morning when I woke up my hair was super static clingy and as dry as before I "deep conditioned" it-
so Simply Shea obviously wasted my money! DO NOT BUY!

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