Saturday, January 2, 2016

review: 2016 Birthday SEPHORA Beauty Insider Gift (Marc Jacobs)

This is the new Marc Jacobs gift set that Sephora is giving out for birthdays in 2016!
eyeliner (highliner gel crayon in blacquer) & lipstick (le marc lip crème in kiss kiss bang bang)
2016 Sephora birthday Marc Jacobs set eyeliner blacquer lipstick kiss bang lip creme2015 Sephora birthday gift NARS Cruella  Rikugien satin lip pencil velvet matte crayon
The 2015 Sephora birthday gift was a NARS lip pencil duo (Cruella was velvet matte red, and Rikugien was satin mauve pink). Well the Marc Jacobs "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is very very similar color to the Nars "Rikugien", except "Rikugien" is more frosty/pearly. The Nars lip crayons were also 1.7g each and the Marc Jacobs lipstick is only 1g (how sad!)
Nars Rikugien Marc Jacobs Kiss Bang lipstick Sephora 2016 Birthday swatchesSephora birthday gifts NARS 2015 VS Marc Jacobs 2016 Kiss Bang lipstick beauty set reviewMarc Jacobs BLACQUER swatches Sephora 2016 birthday gift Beauty Insider
This 2016 gift also includes a mini black eyeliner (0.37g). The "Blacquer" highliner gel crayon glides on smoothly and is well pigmented. Twist the bottom of the pencil instead of sharpening it... this sucks in my opinion because after today the tip will never be sharp/pointed for precise winged liner. The eyeliner also smears, transfers, and did not last on my waterline. It's no better than an eyeliner you can get from the drugstore. It was free so I'll stop complaining.
Marc Jacobs BLACQUER gel crayon liner on lower eye rim waterline faded

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