Monday, January 18, 2016

haul: NYX Cosmetics and credit card fraud

NYX round black lipsticks Gem Haute Couture Lip Du Jour Sash Athena Boquet Roseslong ferret tongue giving kisses to owner super cute pink lips love lick 
I like NYX makeup (eventho quality has one downhill since L'Oreal bought them)... but I do NOT recommend ordering from There were fraudulent charges on my credit card, customer service doesn't exist, and shipping took over 2 weeks. If I ever buy NYX makeup again I will only do it at Ulta when it's on sale.

Credit Card Scamming: I ordered from NYX cosmetics & days later found extra fraudulent charges on my credit card from L'Or√©al, YAY!! So my card number wasn't hacked or stolen online, NYX was the criminal trying to steal from me. BUYER BEWARE! **Also, because NYX's customer service sucks you will need to contact your credit card company to get the fraudulent charges removed.

NYX Customer Service: I messaged NYX on their website and never got a message back. I wrote to them on Facebook and a week later they responded "contact our customer service on our website"- HA! I also tried calling NYX but never reached a human. So basically they ignore customers, yay.

NYX Shipping: I didn't get a shipping notice for 2weeks, then my package arrived 3 days later. WTF.

Missing Items: an eyeshadow was missing from my order, according to the package invoice slip apparently it was out of stock and I was not charged for it-- but why wasn't I notified via email before shipping?! RUDE
NYX waterproof concealer stick porcelain swatches twist up HDthief ferret loves makeup haul NYX concealer for dark undereye circlesNYX xtreme lip cream review swatches Absolute Red Dolly Girl
So finally here's my haul:
Concealer Stick: Porcelain, Lavender (NOT WATERPROOF!)
Round Lipsticks: Haute Coutour, Gem, Lip Du Jour, Athena, Rose Bouquet, Sash
Xtreme Lip Cream: Absolute Red, Dolly Girl
Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe: Velvet Ropes
High Voltage Lipstick: Twisted
Glam Shadow: Wedding Cake, Boost, Midnight Express, Fairy
NYX Glam Shadow swatches Wedding Cake Boost Midnight Fairy Goldencute brown baby ferret playing with makeup stash NYX cosmetics NYX high voltage lipstick TWISTED purple electric lavender haul wickedNYX glam lipgloss aqua luxe Velvet Ropes blue duochrome pink swatches


  1. See, this is exactly why I hate ordering from small sites like this. It's just too risky. I'd rather order from a big site like Amazon and have the peace of mind that I'm not getting scammed.

    - Sarah

  2. Total scam company, now they are taking orders, collecting money and never shipping anything.