Wednesday, January 6, 2016

review: Ulta Birthday Gift! BENEFIT Roller Lash mini mascara

Ulta's birthday bonus for January 2016: Benefit "Roller Lash" mascara mini (0.1oz)
mascara wand Benefit Roller Lash mascara review Ulta birthday haulULTA birthday 2016 gift BENEFIT Roller Lash mascara mini email couponBenefit ROLLER LASH mascara curls instantly no crimper necessary SCAM! review fail haul disaapointed
This mascara is supposed to be "super curling & lifting"... but it does not curl my lashes nor does it do a good job keeping my lashes curled (after I use a lash curler crimper). The formula is very wet and when layered it does a good job lengthening but that's it. What is the magic here- the wand?
swatch 2 coats mascara Benefit ROLLER LASH curling lengthening3 coats ROLLER LASH mascara by Benefit long eyelashes curled blue eyes
WARNING: when you go to Ulta you MUST have the email coupon with you, they will NOT give you your birthday gift without that coupon because they need to type in the barcode numbers. My phone died and they wouldn't give me my gift- I actually had to go in my car and charge my phone for 5min to get the stupid coupon #s in order to get this lame mascara.

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