Sunday, May 29, 2016

ESSENCE makeup now at Target! +Barely Sheer

My Target now has displays up for Essence and Bairly Sheer cosmetic brands:
NEW Essence Bairly Sheer cosmetics display TARGET stores makeup drugstore haulnew ESSENCE Target makeup L'Oreal Pro Glow Infallible foundation Voluminous mascara review BAIRLY SHEER spray foundation bronzer shimmer blush
Essence = great quality, inexpensive makeup brand from Germany
nail polish, lipgloss, concealer, face powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow...
ESSENCE Nude Bright Eyes Bright Brows Smoky Your Face WOW!reviews ESSENCE Try it Love it! trendy palettes eyeshadow Nudes Bronze Roses Vintage Greys swatches
Bairly Sheer = spray on primer, face+body foundations, blushes, bronzers, shimmers
BAIRLY SHEER face primer setting powder bronzer shades makeup sealantBAIRLYSHEER mist blush shades rose natural apricot face body spray Target Ultamist body shimmer BAIRLY SHEER rose gold pearl diamond amber radiance glow body dancer review
UPDATE 6/23/2016: if your store does NOT have an Essence or Bairly Sheer display then you should scout the clearance section for any products accidentally delivered to the store, they will be discounted! I found these Bairly Sheer products for $9 instead of $12 :-) glad I live near 2 Targets!
new! BairlySheer spray-on blush bronzer foundation review: easy! available at TargetTarget clearance NEW! BAIRLY SHEER spray n face blush bronzer body Summer 2016

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