Monday, July 4, 2016

review: Dollar Tree perfumes

Ever love a designer perfume so much you wished you could spray it all day, everyday, everywhere
and not worry about how expensive the bottle was to replace? Now you can! :-)
Dollar Tree has some nice... and not so nice, inexpensive "dupes" for the original [EXPENSIVE] fragrances.
I noticed they're all very strong on the alcohol when you spray and I just can't do that to my body-
but as a room spray they can be perfectly airy and light, lasts at least 15min.
Jordache "Angel" dupe inspired by Thierry Mugler ANGEL eau de toilette parfum perfume fragrance DOLLAR TREEyellow happy face throwing flowers rainbow colors happy fragrance beautiful smellEXTREME HAPPINESS Dollar Tree review scent dupe inspired by Euphoria Calvin Klein women's perfume
ANGEL by Thierry Mugler (patchouli, dark chocolate, caramel, honey, vanilla, cotton candy, tonka bean, amber)
Jordache "Angel" dupe review: this makes great poop-pourri! haha, I use it as a bathroom air freshener. It's like a quick fresh patchouli scent with a hint of chocolate.

 EXTREME HAPPINESS = EUPHORIA by Calvin Klein (pomegranate, orchid, mahogany, amber, musk, lotus, violet)
smells like a mix of pomegranate + berries, hint of floral, kinda gross [FAIL] I'm sorry but all Dollar Tree perfumes that have fruit scents remind me of cough medicine, the fruit is strong and artificial, Yuck!

BLACK LACE = CHANEL No 5 (aldehydes, ylang-ylang, iris, civet, jasmine, rose, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, moss)
scent is reminiscent of Chanel#5 for sure, but like a very watered down version missing the animalistic civet scent.
Marilyn Monroe would never wear this. This smells like a bathroom at a concert venue.
LADY MILLION by Paco Rabanne (honey, raspberry, jasmine, orange flower, patchouli, gardenia, lemon, amber)
Jordache "LADY MILLION" dupe review: smells more pleasant than I expected, gardenia + citrus
If  Mr.Clean had a trophy wife, she would be Lady Million :-)

CLASSIQUE by Jean Paul Gaultier (orange blossom, vanilla, anise, amber, ginger, orchid, rose, iris, orange, cinnamon) 
Jordache "CLASSIQUE" review: I like this more than the original because anise isn't as strong, this is a comforting scent with the warm vanilla, feminine fragrance; the bottle is super cute with corset lacing up the back. Don't know where I would spray this- maybe in an extra guest room of the house? LOL one with a floral bedspread like mom had!
Her Royal Highness = Princess by Vera Wang (vanilla, dark chocolate, guava, water lily, tiare, apricot)
Smells good, not very much like the original Princess but this is likable enough.

Blossom Blast = Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf (patchouli, orchid, green tea, jasmine, rose)
Umm- like a Colorado bum wearing flowers. The patchouli is kinda rank but I like this.
DollarTree inspired by fragrances HRH Vera Wang Princess Blossom Blast Flower Bomb Posture JAdore Dior Poison
Posture = J'Adore by Christian Dior (jasmine, pear, melon, lily-of-the-valley, magnolia, peach, orange, tuberose)
Really pleasant. I like this actually. Simply pretty. Slightly like the original but super watered down!

Ecstatic = Poison by Christian Dior (incense, plum, tuberose, white honey, wild berries, cinnamon, coriander)
Do NOT smell or spray this anywhere! I think it tried to kill me! >.<

Meringue = Can Can by Paris Hilton (nectarine, black currant, amber, clementine, orange blossom, orchid)
Smells like really artificial fruit salad, very messy, do not want.

Pink Waves = Paris Hilton (melon, apple, peach, freesia, mimosa, musk, sandalwaood)
Lolita = Paris Hilton
These are too sharp, musky, I don't smell the melon or crisp peach that make original Paris Hilton good.

Pink Chill = Touch of Pink by Lacoste (orange, peach, vanilla, blood orange, coriander, jasmine, sandalwood)
Bright citrus and sweet- but there's a spicy/bitterness that doesn't balance out. Almost... but No thanks.
 review cheap inspired fragrances drugstore Paris Hilton Touch of Pink Waves Lacoste Britney Spears Fantasy perfume bottle $1 storegif Britney Spears licking Snoop Dogg's face music video basketball court blue hat
Legerdemain = Fantasy by Britney Spears (white chocolate, cupcake, kiwi, lychee, musk)
This is a gross mess- too sweet, too sour, too weird, too too too much!

Blue Ocean = Blue by Ralph Lauren (jasmine, lotus, gardenia, lily-of-the-valley, pink peony, grapefruit)
Fresh, nice, I use this as an air freshener for rooms all year-round. Pleasant, clean scent.
Dollar Store dupes perfumes Lolita Lempricka Just Vivacious Viva La Juicy Ralph Lauren Blue Ocean Amor Lovely Ladybald guy in black suit holding orange funeral sign classy undertaker mortuary home mortician tinderfunny scary skeleton reading newspaper on toilet pooping wall hanging Halloweensmall poop emoji pillow cute smile cartoon eyes Dollar Tree hauls reviews Colorado
Just Vivacious = Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture (caramel, vanilla, orange, praline, berries, honeysuckle, gardenia)
Not too sickly sweet, no floral tho. Like throwing all sorts of LifeSavers candy in your martini.

Pour Ma Belle = Amor Amor by Cacharel (black currant, vanilla, orange, rose, apricot, grapefruit, Tonka bean)
Maybe like a stale fruit cup, heavy syrup, at Grandma's house. Smells like the original I guess.

Lovely Lady = Lolita Lempricka (licorice, anise, vanilla, violet, praline, cherries)
Headache-inducing. Smells like cherry cough syrup and black licorice, not my jam, yuck!


  1. I really like the Just Vivacious Viva la juicy and its a bit sweeter but pretty good and will do. It's good to spray the room or car with also when I put it on.

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