Sunday, July 10, 2016

review: HOT STAMPS hair glitter (Dollar Tree)

Hot Stamps were a huge disappointment and waste of $1. Do NOT buy this from Dollar Tree!
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First pic: my blue stamp was barely filled! WTF?! And the pink was only filled half-way. These are one-time use products and by the time I got the stamp producing perfect hearts, all the pink glitter was gone. What a waste!
instructions Hot Stamps hair glittering applique directions : remove white stickerferret playing with glitter makeup beautiful hair HotStamps glittery fun girly girl
Very important: remove the "clear film" on the hole on the black topper before using the stamp!
My blue star stamp leaked glitter out of the base. It didn't stamp any stars, just a big mess.
stamping arts crafts DIY Dollar Tree hair accessories review HotStamps tutorial pink heart blue starFAIL messy hair glitter As Seen on Tv HOT STAMPS scammy product WARNING! DollarTree haul
Practice stamping on a paper towel until you get a good shape- unfortunately I only got 3 good hearts before the stamp glitter was empty. So I never even got to try this crap on my hair. WORTHLESS.

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