Thursday, August 18, 2016

(haul) My Coastal Scents DIY Eyeshadow Palette has 99cent eyeshadow 'Hot Pot' sales at least twice per year.
Over 380 eyeshadow colors to choose from, of course I choose way too many! :-) haha
persian green, vibrant green, peridot, seaside bronze, fairy gold, canary gold, canary diamond, bombshell
mazarine blue, blue zircon, solar flame, pure bronze, caramelized, caramel ice, peach silver, pink silver
tanzanite, rainstorm, opal black, deep eggplant, edgy eggplant, deep grape, light love, light pink
ice ballet, alpengeist, white silver, polar bare, snow bunny, white cloud, thulain pink, raspberry tart
perfect plum, lavender lace, orchid, purple, vibrant purple, amethyst, queen's jubilee, gutsy grape
silver lilac, wisteria, violetville, violet echo, regalia purple, purple panic, lavender, little grapette
What happens when your eyeshadow arrives broken? Instead of shipping me a new eyeshadow told me I could either choose a $0.99 refund (the price I paid) OR get store credit for $1.95 (full price). So that sucks.
Some of the CoastalScents eyeshadows I bought are dupes for high end products: 
CS snow bunny = MAC gesso
CS orchid = MAC vibrant grape
CS wisteria = MAC romping
CS amethyst = MAC nocturnelle
CS caramel ice = MAC naked lunch = URBAN DECAY kitten, sin
CS copper glaze = URBAN DECAY half baked
CS copper pot = MAC amber lights = URBAN DECAY baked
CS lavender = MAC purple haze
CS light pink = MAC phloof
CS regalia purple = MAC contrast
CS thulian pink = MAC plum dressing

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