Thursday, January 5, 2017

ULTA Birthday Gift 2017 : Benefit the Porefessional (January-March)

Preface: do all Ulta stores have terrible workers, or just mine? I was the only customer and the cashier basically ignored me while gossiping with another worker about a new worker they hated. Then she didn't tell me Happy Birthday or Thank You, and she just tossed my 3 items at me without offering a bag- it was just so rude! Don't treat customers like that, especially on their birthdays WTF. So I don't care how bratty I might sound in this post, Ulta ruined my morning.

ULTA celebrated my January 2017 birthday with this insignificant, sample-size product:
0.25 oz Benefit the Porefessional primer
What am I supposed to do with this? One use will barely fill the pot holes in my nose! Pointless.
BENEFIT Have a Porefect Birthday! 2017 ULTA gift sample size primer pore refiner Sephora TARTE lip stain cheek blush Paaarty0.25 oz Benefit the Porefessional primer ULTA 2017 birthday gift sample size disappointment Sephora Tarte
Let's look at the birthday gifts Ulta gave out last year- why the hell did the 2nd half of 2016's birthdays get FULL-SIZE Urban Decay eyeshadow, when the first half got crappy hairspray and mascara samples?! WHY, ULTA?? WHYYYYYYYY?? And now, 2017, they want to rip me off again by giving me a
 dumbass sample of Benefit primer?!, that's cool. I'll carry this unappreciated-customer-birthday-gift-memory with me for all of 2017. Every time I see a sale flyer, every time you send me a coupon: I'll remember:
I really don't need so much makeup afterall 😌 Thank you for saving me money, Ulta!
ULTA 2016 birthday gifts Benefit Roller Lash mascara Sexy Big Hair spray Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow
I will continue updating this post with Ulta's 2017 birthday gifts:
January, February, March = sample of Benefit Porefessional primer
April, May, June = sample of Lancome Monsieur mascara
July, August, September= NYX limited edition 10 eyeshadow palette
October, November, December= IT Cosmetics deluxe sample SuperHero mascara
Ulta-birthday January, February, March sample Benefit Porefessional primerApril May June Ulta bday 2017 LANCOME monsieur big deluxe sample before product launchUlta2017 birthday-gift July August September NYX eyeshadow palette 10 colors limited edition $18 value
Update: it's December and I've avoided shopping at Ulta all year 😊

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