Monday, March 20, 2017

(review) Amope Wet & Dry Perfect Pedi

Summer is around the corner: time for a pedicure!
I got this Amope "Pedi Perfect" electric pedicure tool to remove rough skin on my feet:
review AMOPE Perfect Pedi rechargable wet dry heels pedicure electric foot fileAMOPE Pedi Perfect wet dry rechargable pedicure tool rough skin callous hard heels
First of all let me tell you that this filer creates a lot of skin powder! Do it outside or over a trash can
in a room without an open window lol one breeze and you get skin cells everywhere! [yuck]

My feet are cute but have rough heels, Amope made them so soft and smooth! Way easier than Ped Egg.
It didn't hurt me. I love that it's rechargeable.
Regular price at my Walmart is $60 but I got it on clearance for $30. I think it's worth what I paid :-)
buff away hard heels AMOPE pedicure tool tutorial use foot file wet dry callus coarse diamondbefore vs. afterAMOPE diamond crystals foot file moisturize feet after silky smooth LOVE! review Ped Egg comparison

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