Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bitzy eyeshadow compacts at Sally Beauty

Looking for cute, cheap, empty eyeshadow palettes? $1.69!
Sally Beauty's Bitzy brand sells magnetic quad compacts, perfect size for Mac and Coastal Scents size eyeshadows. These are just like the white ones ELF used to make, but cuter + slightly better quality.
I picked up a few Bitzy eyeshadows to try out, they're nice for $1.69:
Queen of Crème, Petal to the Metal, Punky Purple, Party in the City, Dreamy, High Spirited, Cloud Nine

Bitzy is aimed at more 'sophisticated' hipster millennials, I guess... the color selection is very basic/neutral.
I'm a little sad that this $1.69 Bitzy brand replaced the $0.99 Sally Girl cosmetics-
Sally Girl eyeshadows were individually packaged and fun, vibrant colors!
Here's pics of my Sally Girl eyeshadow collection:
The small round compacts were wet/dry eyeshadows- super pigmented when using a damp brush! And perfect size for travel.

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