Monday, April 3, 2017

(haul) Walmart clearance

ALWAYS use the price scanner to check clearance prices! They are not always marked down with the right stickers!

Earring gift sets from Valentine's Day rang up $10 -- Sterling Silver and gemstones! Crazy!
75cents set of 3 headbands to perfectly disguise me as a millenial hipster this summer 😉, cell phone holder $2 marked down from $25
$1 St Patty's 4 leaf clover choker (perfect for next year's slooty outfit!)
30 cents for St Patrick's Day lucky clover earrings

Sterling Silver earring gift sets Walmart freshwater pearl peridot amethyst blue topaz ruby sapphire emerald

Who is hungry after all this shopping? I'm starving! $11 for 3 frying pans, Wowza! 😋 🍳 🍴

Some Valentine's cards for 75 cents that came with cute necklaces- a chocolate covered strawberry lol
All these kid watches rang up $2!
light up: Batman, Peppa Pig, Super Mario (the colorful lights race around the watch face like Mario Kart!)
makes noise/music: Dory, Frozen Elsa, Spiderman, Yo-Kai, Star Wars, Ninja Turtles
accessorizing straps: Hello Kitty, Shopkins
LCD blinking pic screens: Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
$2-3 crystal and velvet choker necklaces

These bras were not clearance 
but I thought they were all pretty!
These are sets of 2 bras, what a great price!
I got some and they're decent.

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