Friday, July 28, 2017

(haul, review) Dollar Tree lippies! Lip Smackers jackpot

So many Lip Smackers!!
Layer It lip balm/gloss duos: pomegranate/lemonade -refreshing lemonade in this summer heat, love it!
strawberry/vanilla -very basic, boring, safe, unsatisfying flavor
berry cream cake
vanilla caramel sundae- smells like Bath&Bodyworks warm vanilla sugar
blueberry/banana -very weak on the banana
Fusion squeeze clear lip gloss: Raspberry lime -like sour watermelon
watermelon- like a strawberry milkshake... but slightly watermelon flavor
vanilla frosting -yum!!
celestial strawberry -creamy strawberry milkshake
"best flavor forever": vanilla ice, strawberry scoop, cherry berry ball, cool orange strawberry, kiwi berry crush
Soft Lips spf lip balm
ChapStick Aloha Coconut -delicious! Mmmmm!!
Roll-It clear lip gloss:
cotton candy -not sweet enough
vanilla -just vanilla, nothing special
bubble gum -yes, definitely pink bubble gum!
Liquid clear lip gloss:
birthday cake -vanilla frosting, my go to lipsmackers flavor
tropical punch -generic fruity
strawberry kiwi - yummy, classic flavor
coca-cola - lol this is great! 😊 just like coke

Dollar Tree has had really lame inventory lately, huh? We used to get Milani and Physicians Formula cosmetics... now the highlight is bread? Sad 😒 loaves, bagels, English muffins-who cares?! Carbs make poor people fat, Dollar Tree is trying to kill us!! πŸ’€ but kill us slowly so they can still take every last dime...
Reese's peanut butter cupcakes, Hello Kitty and Ninja Turtle cookies
shimmer metallic temporary tattoos, Goody headbands, skull ribbon

Sunbeam flashlights: I love these! *bright* LEDs
awkward hand bells "Ring for ___" : Service, Jesus, Kiss, Love
really nice dog collars and dia de los muertos adult coloring book
Collar Review: I put the large skull collar (snap closure) on my 60lb Doberman for a walk and it shotgunned across the street after a rabbit. Dog threw me into the street lol it was so bad! I got damaged. But the collar did not break, it's good quality!


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