Sunday, December 24, 2017

(review) Bolero face wipes and body oil from Dollar Tree

These makeup remover wipes are great! Good amount of moisture, not too wet. There's a sticky peel-back opening PLUS a snap-tight lid; wipes won't dry out ☺️And best of all: the vanilla cream scent is delicious ❤️
Look at this dirty wipe- I didn't wear makeup today! So all that gross dirt is just pollution and sweat, that's gross lol Bolero is good!

The body oil on the other hand... Well, I don't like it much. The bottle sprays like a squirt gun, one strong squirt at a time. You're supposed to apply this right after your shower, on damp skin "to seal in moisture"-- seriously lol this is just mineral oil, not a miracle cure for eczema 😂 I noticed when I applied it to dry skin instead the scent was stronger, so I recommend that. I applied it to my legs and stomach. On me mineral oil clogs pores so I won't apply it on my chest or face. This body oil wasn't really worth $1 but I will reuse the bottle so whatever...
What I really would like to use this oil for is tanning! LoL in the summer I use baby oil to tan, same thing, but this smells better-- and this tiny bottle would be perfect to carry in my purse, apply to my legs while I'm eating outside on my lunch break 😉

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