Monday, March 5, 2018

(review) Maybelline palettes: "Concrete Runway", "Crown Jewels"

I bought this eyeshadow palette at my grocery store for half-off. The colors look beautiful in the pan but they are not very pigmented. Lame, right?
I applied the blue with a wet brush over my regular black eyeliner. I used a dry brush to put purple in my crease, metallic gold on my lid, and white on my brow bone. This was an ok, relatively natural look and I was happy... Until...

The second pic is 6hours later- NO color left! LoL ridiculous! You can almost tell I had the purple in my crease, but even the blue on my eyeliner disappeared WTF?!
The City Mini Palette "Concrete Runway"
LMAO it ran away, that's for sure!!
* * * * * * *

Maybelline "Crown Jewels" eyeshadow trio:
Try #1 with NYX "pearl" eyeshadow base:
The color pigment is crappy. I took this photo after applying multiple layers- even the darkest color in my crease is barely visible WTF!

Try #2 below I did not use eyeshadow base just to show you honest  pigmentation quality. It was so terrible I then tried to pack on extra color with a damp brush ☹️ omg still too "natural" for my liking:
This took me like 20min and it's barely visible!
Maybelline is a terrible brand.

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