Friday, April 13, 2018

(review) Laura Geller balance-n-brighten "Porcelain"

Now that it's winter "fair" is a tad dark on me and I bought "porcelain"- but I'm having this weird STROBING effect on my face. Wtf?
The powder is matte in the pan. Here I took a pic with no primer, no moisturizer and you can see this highlight be *Poppin*! on my nose and cheek. I'm not seeing other girls complain about this lol am I just weird? What's going on? This *glow* does not appear on my skin with "fair" balance-n-brighten foundation.
 (and yes I know my skin is dry, rosacea/acne is bad, but Laura Geller foundations are usually amazing for me to cover up redness)
PS- it's Friday the 13th so I should have expected crazy crap to happen 💩 just my luck!
(it's finally been snowing here in Colorado haha, spring snowstorms = "winter")

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