Friday, July 20, 2018

FAKE vs Real Dermacol (on eBay and Amazon)

I bought extreme coverage foundation from 3 different sellers and I think only 1 sent me authentic Dermacol ☹️ WTF?! And what upsets me most is that these sellers had excellent feedback- so hundreds of people have been suckered! They're putting a potentially dangerous mystery makeup on their skin, that's BAD!!
Look at the front of the boxes: the floral design should not be so bright.
Look at the back: the hologram should not be a sticker, and the white sticker should be perfectly centered.
Look at the side: too much Arabic writing.
Dermacol does not individually wrap.
The sellers who sold me fakes shipped from Racine, WI and Glendora, CA.
I think I paid around $9/each. So stupid 💩

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