Friday, March 22, 2019

What's New At Dollar Tree?

Finding good stuff at Dollar Tree has been a struggle lately, don't you agree? Nonetheless, I did find a few *gems* today-
Lip Smackers has this SPF 30 "Kiss Therapy" which is sooo good! I bought a dozen and put them everywhere: my purse, car, bedroom, kitchen, desk,...
There was also a 3 pack of flower flavors (wtf??)
And these squeeze lippies flavored Coca-Cola came on super cute key chains 😘

Retinol skincare stuff (I swear I've seen these at Big Lots)
Sexist story time books for children...
And these"fancy" skincare items. Umm, you don't want to use this crap. Trust me. No good. Read the ingredients- I'd use this stuff on my feet but not my face.
I did buy the Ponds charcoal face wash and it leaves my face feeling waxy/unclean. I want to like it. But I don't.


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