Sunday, November 24, 2019

Hanger Snowflakes !!

What is the coolest trend this holiday season? HANGER SNOWFLAKES! 😂 I kept seeing them popping up in my Facebook feed, and I watched some YouTube turorials- it's easy! Try it! 16 hangers/snowflake plus zipties.
Everything you need at Dollar Tree ♥️
Lay the hangers on the ground in this design.
Then do a 2nd layer on top, hangers slightly shifted.
Then ziptie the layers together.
You can leave them plain or decorate them any way you like- decorate your house indoor & out ☃️
I couldn't keep the center hole of my snowflake round so I added a snowman to the middle, and some bows. I might add some tiny lights closer to Xmas. 
I think they're really beautiful plain white- if anyone has a tip to help me keep the center hole round please share! Tightening the zipties makes it worse, too loose makes the snowflake floppy lol this is hard work 😄

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