Saturday, May 9, 2020

(review) LA Colors Eye Marker

My new favorite liquid eyeliner!
Slim felt tip, smudge-proof marker from Dollar Tree:
Dollar Tree LA Colors EYE MARKER smudge proof felt eyeliner marker pen<--slave dog lol
It goes on a little wet so apply carefully! But after it dried it was really bulletproof ♥️ "black" is a shiney patent leather black color.
after 10 hours wearing LA Colors Eye Marker liquid eyeliner pen glossy black
I slept in it and it still looked almost perfect on Day 2, only the inner corners had melted away. I touched those spots up and continued wearing it into Day 3 😀 still amazing!
Sometimes I dont get a lot of time to sleep and shower and try to look pretty. I used makeup wipes around my face except my eyes- this eyeliner let me get up and go in the morning without stress or frustration.
It even survived running thru rain ♥️


  1. It bleeds but otherwise stays on good!

    1. It bled onto my eyeball and now my tears are blue! How long is this sh*t gonna last?!!?