Wednesday, June 17, 2020

(review) Global Beauty Care CLAY gel face mask

Clay masks stop oil and prevent shine, I need that-
Skincare beauty face mask Honey Boo Boo feels like Beetlejuice
I got this mask at Dollar Tree, how excited are you?! 😀
It's very soft and applies easily.
Takes forever to dry, I left it on an hour... Ok 🤷
I tried it again a few days later... Umm...
less shiney forehead but my nose is more shiney
And a third time...
 my skin doesn't feel/look any better 🤷
I think maybe this is a little gimmicky, like most face masks.
Glycerin helps hydrate skin by attracting moisture &sealing it in. Clay helps reduce oily skin. Also contains: vitamins
a, c and e; sodium hyaluronate
It was $1 🤷 I shouldn't expect miracles 😀

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