Friday, December 4, 2020

Black Friday at Dollar Tree

Look at these super cute little Caboodles makeup cases! 😲 They would also make great little tackle boxes for children fishing. I bought all 3 💜
.Dollar Tree fake Caboodles makeup cases pink blue purpleCaboodles cases at Dollar Tree girly fishing tackle boxes
Some Wet n Wild powder, foundation, concealer, lipgloss, lipliner, eyeliner... Eyelash enhancing serum?!
These Dog & Cat cards look super cute!!
IDK what I need this earbuds case for, but I need it. It looks like it will be good for carrying something fragile in my purse. I don't use earbuds tho.
This Baby Jesus ornament sings Silent Night.
I think these little vases are adorable! They would help make a really cute homemade Xmas gift.
And some Kiss glue-on fake nails for parties.
Silent Night motion detect Star Baby Jesus ornamentPearlescent glass flower vases small purple pink yellow blueKiss fake nails glue Dollar Tree tutorial review
Here are some face masks... not interested...
John Frieda purple hair mask for blonde hair 😲

These giant solar powered Xmas light bulbs! ♥️

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