Sunday, January 24, 2021

(haul) Dollar Tree skincare

There's a lot of new skincare stuff at Dollar Tree. I'm pretty picky about their skincare and always read the ingredients lists! I stay away from things containing mineral oil because that clogs my pores, I get blackheads. I'm also not a big fan of coconut oil or aloe.
Tea Tree night lotion and facial oil- these look promising. Tea tree oil saved my skin from rosacea,
 I use TTO every night so I'll try these 🙂
Update: the liquid dropper bottle- that stuff is no good, don't get it! Left my face oily and smelled tok strong. And I got blackheads. I think my skin hates the palm oil in it.

"Eyelash Enhancer Serum" 😂 ok... Castor oil.
This Sassy + Chic facial cleansing brush is loud!
I hope DT starts stocking refill brush heads.
Skin Nutritions serums: hyaluronic acid, vitamin c 

Global Beauty Care "lift & firm" and "brightening" eye creams. Peptides, glycolic acid, vitamin c, and sodium hyaluronate- impressive huh? Actually... there's less than 1% of those ingredients I the cream, but I tried it anyway- and it's just ok 🤷 It's from the dollar store so lower your expectations, please 😄
Dollar Tree Beauty Guru under eye essential oil serum
Beauty Guru is a brand designed by an aromatherapist, I guess I can give it whirl 🤷 frankencense is good for lightening under eyes. Seabuckhorn oil encourages blood flow. Coffee reduces puffiness. Lemon is vitamin c for skin brightening. Rosehip oil is good. Only thing that makes me uncomfortable here is the coconut oil- I can't use this during the day because it will dissolve my makeup! 🤦 Update: yeah, umm... Don't use this if you're planning on leaving the house 😂
Dollar Tree hyaluronic acid eye cream really works
Global Beauty Care has a hyaluronic acid skin cream. You know I love hyaluronic acid! 💜

And some other stuffs: pearl & gemstone craft sticker appliques, hair coil thingees
jump rings & lobster claw clasps for jewelry making

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