Thursday, January 14, 2021

(haul) TJ Maxx, Walmart clearance bonanza

How can I not go after Xmas clearance shopping, right??

TJ Maxx had some neat stuff. 
I love Lipstick Queen! Their lipsticks really do last and stay put. I remember seeing the owner (Poppy?) on QVC years ago and thinking the lipstick was too expensive- wow did I learn: it's worth it!
See those bags of 4 lippies? $3.99/bag 😲 crazy.
Got some brow mascara and eyeliner on clearance.
I love these little yellow boxes of glycolic acid cream. Glycolic acid helps exfoliate wrinkles away.
A dermaroller needle tool and serum $7!

e. booth and Well Lab body butters (argan is nice!)
hemp, retinol, vitamin c face serums for $3!
Alcohol sprays for $1
TJ Maxx Lipstick Queen best lip products ever!
I picked up some makeup, too:
Cover FX natural finish foundations
Revlon Youth FX primer
Kara Beauty (ugly, why did I buy this?)
I love Laura Geller!! ♥️
I accidentally bought a busted lipstick- this is why you need to ALWAYS check inside clearance boxes to see if the item is damaged.
Lots of Lipstick Queen lipgloss & liquid lipstick- aren't these glittery ones super pretty? 😍
awesome deals faux eyelashes set TJ Maxx haul
eyelashes, Physicians Formula face stuff
omg I love this Physicians Formula duo brow pencil!
Also- I've noticed TJ Maxx and Marshalls are really slacking in their perfume sections this past year ☹️
* * * * * * * * * * *

Walmart clearance- some Halloween face paint and lipstick, Smart Cover concealer kit
Biore Rose Quartz face cleanser review cool mentholRose Quartz face mask gemstone energy chakra beauty
(review) Let's talk about this Biore Rose Quartz + Charcoal daily purifying cleanser- I've seen this at Dollar Tree before but haven't tried it until now. On the front it says "deep cleans & radiates self love" πŸ˜‚ how silly! Anyways, this cleanser has menthol in it and there's no warning- I didn't like that my face suddenly felt cool/tingly. If they had marketed it as a "strawberry freeze" cleanser and scented it strawberry then I would've loved it. As-is, well it's a little weird. I'm trying to like it 🀷

I love me some 14k gold plated hoop earrings! 🀩
These vitamin c and hyaluronic acid face serums were not on sale but they're really exciting! πŸ˜ƒ I can't wait to try these out.
Dr Scholls heel padded insert white sneakers Walmart geriatrics clubThigh High stockings lace top set Walmart
And cookies with some Dr Scholl's white sneakers πŸ˜‹
Lacy panties & thigh high stockings for Valentines
 Something new and cool I saw at Walmart are these *Juice* perfumes by Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Eau de Juice perfume review Chilled Sugar Energy
$55 at Ulta vs. $25 at Walmart 😲
I'm very tempted to try them, still debating it...
* * * * * * * * *

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