Tuesday, February 16, 2021

My Dollar Tree Gnome Garden

Gnome Village pinecone house teapot cottage pond garden mushroomsDollar Tree mini figurines collection gnomes elves fairies Santa squirrels turtles

 I have an unhealthy obsession with Dollar Tree gnomes lol! I now own an entire village that lives on my bookshelf. What am I doing? 😂 this is insane! I had to put half the village in Fairy Prison because my bookshelf doesn't have enough space for them all 😂 this is Covid, folks! Safe distance!!

David the Gnome taking as bath clothes on hat girl screamingDollar Tree haul female gnomes Fairy Garden Collection spring 2021Dollar Tree Haul gnomes cactus house teapot garden fairy
These are my newest additions: lady gnomes 💜
And vegetable garden lol my gnome village is self-sustainable! How crazy is that?! 😆
Dollar Tree garden elves village beehive pond crittersgnome vegetable garden carrots lettuce

Here's some cute gnome houses I found at Hobby Lobby. They look super similar to the Dollar Tree ones

I also want to point out that Hobby Lobby is selling the same metal butterfly yard decor as I bought at Dollar Tree 🧐🤔 interesting, huh? Different colors but the same!!
And these solar bulb lights! Hobby Lobby vs Dollar Tree 😲

Also, I want to WARN everyone: do not order from Dollartree.com and pick your order up from the store. My store opened my package and put my items on the shelves to sell. I've never been so pissed!! And when I talked with other women on Facebook they had the same thing happen to them RIDICULOUS! 😡😡😡

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