Saturday, February 13, 2021

(review) Mally 24/7 Eye lining System "Plum"

This 4 piece kit includes an eyeliner pencil, dual-ended brush, bullet-proof white powder, and an eyeshadow. This "plum" color is more of an eggplant/ cool tone brown. Very natural makeup. Not outrageous.
 Mally 24/7 Eye Lining System review Plum eyeliner powder kit

This is a makeup product where you really need to 


apply white eyeshadow over eyeliner

Step 1: apply eyeliner pencil

Step 2: apply white powder over eyeliner

Plum color Mally Beauty eyeliner kit 4 pieces

Step 3: apply eyeshadow on top of white powder (the white powder glues the eyeshadow to the eyeliner to make it *pop* and last a night long!)

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I tried using the white and plum powders over a random black eyeliner to see if it could look less natural (lol I'm a punk girl!) and it still looked crazy "normal" 🤷 I think plum just looks bad with my eye color- it would look good on honey or hazel eyes. 
If I was an army girl wearing olive camo all the time tho, I would totally rock plum.

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