Monday, March 29, 2021

Maybelline Snapscara: black cherry, deja blue, ultra violet mascara (review)

This mascara is worth every penny! I ran back to Dollar Tree and bought every mascara they had in every color 😂
Nana Osaki applying mascara handheld mirror

I'm wearing the same blue/black eyeliner (blue voodoo by laura geller)in all these pics, but the eyeshadows are different.
* * * * * *
BLACK CHERRY: looks like soft black mascara
Honestly I was really afraid this would look like a brown mascara but it doesn't! It looks black.
.anime Nana Osaki blinking eyelashes purple eyeshadow beautiful eyes

DEJA BLUE: royal blue- this is a real *pop* of color!
(To make it more wearable for everyday and to work, I like to apply black mascara first and then highlight it with this blue mascara)

ULTRA VIOLET: royal purple- I feel like this made the whites of my eyes look *whiter* somehow

* * * * * *
Update: I have seen TJ Maxx stores selling these same mascaras for $2.99 😂 so I feel extra lucky I found them at Dollar Tree 💜 $1

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