Thursday, June 24, 2021

(haul) Finally Jackpot! Hard Candy, Maybelline, WnW at Dollar Tree

I had almost given up on Dollar Tree *but* they've finally made me smile again 😁 lots of Hard Candy cosmetics, Maybelline gems, and Wet n Wild Catsuit stuff. Feels like Xmas again LOL I've been to 4 different Dollar Trees this week, they all had different stuff- none of them had the same exact stuff, isn't that weird? 🤷

Maybelline: lip liner, liploss, lipstick, mascaras
I am living for this holographic lip topcoat 💜!!
Hard Candy: highlighter and eyeshadow and glitter pallettes, metal glaze, mascara, fixing a box bronzer, makeup foundation drops, eyeliner, kajal liner, plumping lipgloss
Blue & Gold Maybelline lipstick? Of course! 😂
My favorite LA Colors eyeliner markers ❤️
Wet'n Wild: eyeshadow palette, bronzer, highlighter, catsuit liquid lipsticks and eye shadows, cushion highlighters and concealers, all the stuffs!!

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