Thursday, November 18, 2021

Early Xmas Shopping

I had to go to 5 different Dollar Trees to buy all this crap. I won't be fighting holiday shopping crowds, so perhaps we should consider this my "early Black Friday shopping spree" haha.
Mostly I was excited for the Flower makeup stuff (Drew Barrymore's makeup line at Walmart). I don't know why lol I mean these are not colors that look good on me... But they look so pretty on the shelf!
Nyx gold glitter eyeliner for the holiday win!!
Maybelline "master camo" countout and concealing palettes.
Gnome for the Holidays ♥️
These dog leashes look good quality. And these "canine enrichment" treat toys are AWESOME!! 10 out of 10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 

Ok, now see this ball thing? This is a baby wipe container, I think? I dunno but I like the design and hopefully I'll figure out a good use for it!

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