Thursday, September 7, 2017

(haul) Dollar Tree and WalMart clearance

last year's mini buttons vs. this year's buttons, Dia de los Muertos painted skull wooden art
Cinnamon Toast Crunch lip balm (fyi Burger King has a Cinnamin Toast Crunch milkshake now)
ELF cosmetics: eyeshadow quads, lipgloss, eyeliner
Littlest Pet Shop puppies, kittens, llama
🐾 🐾yum🐾
Friskies canned cat food, 9lives & Temptations treats, Sheba purfect portions wet cat food
I love these metal bowls for pet food
cute little bowties and ties for dogs (looks better on my cat lol)

classic faux pearl and rose gold color hoop earrings sets
new LALAFOX cosmetics (kinda expensive, really plain packaging)

$1 ankle sock sets! exercise, Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, My Little Pony, Transformers
Marvel: Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man
Disney: Little Mermaid, Lilo&Stitch, Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck
$1 leggings

clearance toys under $3 each! Pop figures, Monster High, Lion King
25 cent buttons!

Monday, August 14, 2017

(haul) LAURA GELLER sets: Jardin, Les Petite Treats

Found 2 new Laura Geller makeup kits today for $14.99 each at Marshalls- Le Jardin and Les Petite Treats. You know I love Laura Geller ❤ This is a complete face of makeup for under $30, isn't that crazy?! Baked products are great because they can be used wet or dry. I always apply eyeshadow wet OMG the colors *pop*! And I apply the bronzer dry because I don't want it as intense
 (unless it's night lol then I need serious contouring! lol)
Le Jardin: sunswept blush + brighten, honey lavender brulee highlighter, dramalash mascara,
pink lemonade color drenched lip gloss, duo ended brush/sponge
(I remember this kit was on QVC last summer for like $45)
Les Petite Treats: fair balance + brighten, guava swirl gelato blush,
mango sorbet love me dew lip crayon, powder brush

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

(review) Flower perfumes by Drew Barrymore

1oz Flower perfumes were $9 clearance at my Walmart today, PitBull for men was $11
Top: dewy notes, blackcurrant leaves and buds, Italian lemon
Heart: iris petals, rose and lily of the valley
Base: Tahitian vanilla, pure cotton, musk, and creamy sandalwood
This smells like Victoria's Secret "Dream Angel Heavenly", cozy. In the same vein as Jessica Simpson's fancy (but less intense).

RADIANT (a happy, innocent, anytime fragrance)
Top: Italian bergamot, water molecule Calone
Heart: rose, pink peony and magnolia
Base: crystal musk, pink amber and white wood
This smells like rose fresh after spring rain.

SULTRY (a night time, seductive fragrance)
Top: plum, pink pepper and cranberries
Heart: night blooming jasmine, succulent blackberries and cashmeran
Base: patchouli, vanilla from Madagascar and musk
This "Sultry" perfume is STRONG! I am WARNING you now: only 1 spray!!
"Sultry" is essentially the love child of Dior "Poison" and "Flowerbomb" haha!
🌹 🌹 🌹
SPARKLING GARDEN (a floral that's slightly fruity)
Top: pear, champagne, raspberry
Heart: rose, peony, pink pepper
Base: amber, vanilla, musk
This is nice, like a rose garden tea party. Ageless innocence and carefree fun.

PitBull (men):
top notes- bergamot, mandarin, cardamom and sage
middle notes- violet, woods, verbena
base notes- vetiver, musk, tonka bean, amber
I love PitBull 🐾 pero Dios Mio!! I didn't expect to looooove this scent as much as I do ❤ LoL ❤ wow!
I've been spraying it on my pillow before bed, like a giddy schoolgirl 😊
And these candle sets were $7: Tranquil Island & Wild Honeysuckle

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

(review) ELAJ eczema cream from Dollar Tree

Elaj eczema relief (as seen on tv)- wtf is "colloidal oatmeal?!
this is a waxy consistency, does not absorb well into the skin
What does this stuff do, moisturize? My skin looks good-
nobody can see a problem lol but I still feel the problem!
Did not stop my skin from itching 😠

Friday, July 28, 2017

(haul, review) Dollar Tree lippies! Lip Smackers jackpot

So many Lip Smackers!!
Layer It lip balm/gloss duos: pomegranate/lemonade -refreshing lemonade in this summer heat, love it!
strawberry/vanilla -very basic, boring, safe, unsatisfying flavor
berry cream cake
vanilla caramel sundae- smells like Bath&Bodyworks warm vanilla sugar
blueberry/banana -very weak on the banana
Fusion squeeze clear lip gloss: Raspberry lime -like sour watermelon
watermelon- like a strawberry milkshake... but slightly watermelon flavor
vanilla frosting -yum!!
celestial strawberry -creamy strawberry milkshake
"best flavor forever": vanilla ice, strawberry scoop, cherry berry ball, cool orange strawberry, kiwi berry crush
Soft Lips spf lip balm
ChapStick Aloha Coconut -delicious! Mmmmm!!
Roll-It clear lip gloss:
cotton candy -not sweet enough
vanilla -just vanilla, nothing special
bubble gum -yes, definitely pink bubble gum!
Liquid clear lip gloss:
birthday cake -vanilla frosting, my go to lipsmackers flavor
tropical punch -generic fruity
strawberry kiwi - yummy, classic flavor
coca-cola - lol this is great! 😊 just like coke

Dollar Tree has had really lame inventory lately, huh? We used to get Milani and Physicians Formula cosmetics... now the highlight is bread? Sad 😢 loaves, bagels, English muffins-who cares?! Carbs make poor people fat, Dollar Tree is trying to kill us!! 💀 but kill us slowly so they can still take every last dime...
Reese's peanut butter cupcakes, Hello Kitty and Ninja Turtle cookies
shimmer metallic temporary tattoos, Goody headbands, skull ribbon

Sunbeam flashlights: I love these! *bright* LEDs
awkward hand bells "Ring for ___" : Service, Jesus, Kiss, Love
really nice dog collars and dia de los muertos adult coloring book
Collar Review: I put the large skull collar (snap closure) on my 60lb Doberman for a walk and it shotgunned across the street after a rabbit. Dog threw me into the street lol it was so bad! I got damaged. But the collar did not break, it's good quality!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

(review) my BERRICLE rings, cz and sapphire styles

This review post is for anyone interested in buying Berricle cz rings- this is my independent experience ordering and owning this brand in different styles. I hope this helps. Spoiler: they're nice but I wouldn't pay full price, wait for the 40% off sales or buy used!

Berricle sells rings on their website and on eBay, but prices differ slightly and the website often has sale codes so compare before you buy! I've also found used Berricle rings from individual eBay sellers as well- I like seeing the used auction pics because it shows how well Berricle jewelry quality stands up over time. I don't think Berricle is any better than other retail cz rings.

My Berricle ring collection includes:

1. cushion cut (0.46ct center) solitaire ring set with half-eternity bands (0.76ctw)
This is the only ring set I bought from website. Shipping took 1 week; items arrived in nice red boxes. I love having 2 separate eternity bands, sometimes I put one on my right hand. I do not like how lightweight these rings are, not a substantial amount of silver here, feels cheap. Looks cheap honestly. The cz is good quality but not amazing- definitely not mistakable for diamonds.
I really wanted to love this ring set but it feels like wasted money :(
2. round cut (0.46ct center) 5-stone ring set with half-eternity bands (1.05ctw)
I bought this ring set off eBay, I think it was "new without tags". The miligrain work on the rings is nice, these settings look expensive. It's super *sparkly*! It's also low set which is nice for everyday life. The engagement ring alone looks like 3 rings put together, bit more comfortable to wear :) I think the extra band makes the set "too blingy" to be believable on my finger tho... Maybe if you have a size 6+ finger it'll look real, my size 4.5 fingers make 'diamonds' seem bigger/unbelievable.
3. halo created blue sapphire (0.46ct) ring on a half-eternity band (0.63ctw)
I bought this ring used from an eBay seller (it was not cleaned before taking these pics). The silver feels substantial which I like. I don't like how fake/blue/translucent the "sapphire" looks. Almost all sapphires on the market now are lab created, the only natural ones left are very dark and more opaque. I like how low set the ring is on my finger. It never catches on my hair or clothes 😊 and it reminds me of Princess Diana. Overall I think this ring looks cheap, like I bought it from Walmart.