Saturday, May 9, 2020

(review) LA Colors Eye Marker

My new favorite liquid eyeliner!
Slim felt tip, smudge-proof marker from Dollar Tree:
Dollar Tree LA Colors EYE MARKER smudge proof felt eyeliner marker pen
It goes on a little wet so apply carefully! But after it dried it was really bulletproof ♥️ "black" is a shiney patent leather black color.
after 10 hours wearing LA Colors Eye Marker liquid eyeliner pen glossy black
I slept in it and it still looked almost perfect on Day 2, only the inner corners had melted away. I touched those spots up and continued wearing it into Day 3 😀 still amazing!
Sometimes I dont get a lot of time to sleep and shower and try to look pretty. I used makeup wipes around my face except my eyes- this eyeliner let me get up and go in the morning without stress or frustration.
It even survived running thru rain ♥️

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

(review) Revlon Color Charge loose powder eyeshadows

Barbara Mori blond hair wink kissRevlon color charge powder eyeshadow pigments Dollar Tree swatch
And the bad part is that they won't stick to your eye, you MUST WEAR AN EYESHADOW BASE! so  that the powder has something to stick to. Best method I found is to apply with a damp brush.
105 Copper metallic Revlon Color Charge pigment eyeshadow powder review
Ok, so let's review:
105 COPPER is super metallic, super sparkly!
106 FUCHSIA is a bright medium  pink
104 HOLOGRAPHIC is duochrome white/purple
I took these swatches indoors,without using primer:
Covid-19 Dollar Tree makeup haul Revlon eye pigments reviewRevlon color charge Fuchsia Copper Holographic eye shadow swatches
I like that these jars came individually sealed, mess-free.

I took these makeup photos outside. The eyeshadows were applied with a damp brush on top of primer. Fuchsia in crease, copper on outer lid, holographic on inner lid and on top of my black eyeliner (really purple!)
Fuchsia seems kinda matte or pearly sheen. It's not as exciting. I think maybe if I added some of this powder to clear lipgloss it might work really cute tho...
The white one isn't actually "holographic" that was a bad name for it- but it does have a duochrome feel 🙂 In sunlight it looks super lilac.

In the photos below I wore "holographic" on top of primer and applied with a dry brush which made it way less pigmented and more white (lilac sheen only in sunlight):

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

(review) Laura Geller "Glow Beyond" 2 piece set: Moondust & Sunbeams

These highlighters are extra large! Both highlighters will also make good eyeshadows. I think they're super pretty and photos don't do justice:
Moon dust is like a pearl- it goes from baby pink to a gold hue and even a little blue/violet depending on the light.
This is a true highlighter.
The lipgloss is like a holographic shimmer, very wearable!
Sunbeams is *glistening gold* and perfect for summer. I like this is so big because I want to brush this highlighter all over my shoulders and decollate.
The lipgloss makes me feel pretty 🙂
Each of these sets was $7.99 at TJ Maxx.

Friday, March 27, 2020

dollar tree haul (yay they're open during quarantine!)

Dollar Tree finally has a few things worth talking about 🙂 I picked up this Hard Candy "Look Pro Smoky Eyes" tin 
(I love purple eyeshadows).
. .
And the Hard Candy "Look Pro Ultimate Contour and Sculpt" but my store only had the medium to deep shade 🤷 
illuminator is pretty!
And a couple Maybelline mettalic liquid eyeliners in
Steller Sand and Violet Nova.
New LA Colors trios eyeshadow blush highlighter bronzer
Yardley makes charcoal soap now! 😄 This stuff can be awesome for breakouts on my face and body, I especially like it in the summer. It can be a little drying tho.
Global Beauty Care: Gold & Charcoal & Cucumber masks
Skin Nutritions Retinol Night Repair Serum
* * * * * * * *
I got a whole tiny gnome village ♥️
And who doesn't love avocados?! These cosmetic bags are super cute! 😍
Crayola bathtub fingerprint can make quarantine fun 🙂

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Hanger Snowflakes !!

What is the coolest trend this holiday season? HANGER SNOWFLAKES! 😂 I kept seeing them popping up in my Facebook feed, and I watched some YouTube turorials- it's easy! Try it! 16 hangers/snowflake plus zipties.
Everything you need at Dollar Tree ♥️
Lay the hangers on the ground in this design.
Then do a 2nd layer on top, hangers slightly shifted.
Then ziptie the layers together.
You can leave them plain or decorate them any way you like- decorate your house indoor & out ☃️
I couldn't keep the center hole of my snowflake round so I added a snowman to the middle, and some bows. I might add some tiny lights closer to Xmas. 
I think they're really beautiful plain white- if anyone has a tip to help me keep the center hole round please share! Tightening the zipties makes it worse, too loose makes the snowflake floppy lol this is hard work 😄