Thursday, March 8, 2018

(review) Revlon eyeshadow quad 580 FREE SPIRIT

I had to go over these swatches (rubbing) a few times to get color payoff, they apply splotchy.

I used these colors over NYX "eyeshadow base with pearl" (there's a little shimmer). I used the tan color on my brow bone, black in crease, blue on my lid and light blue in my inner corner.
WARNING: trying to blend any of these colors will make the pigment disappear and you will be left with a "smoky" eye mess!
I even tried applying the eyeshadows with a wet brush and the color payoff sucked.

The black is usable but not blendable; it goes on strong so use a light hand.
The darker blue has some pigment but it doesn't blend well, very patchy!
The tan color is barely pigmented, invisible on my pasty skin... WTF
The light blue color blends out to a chalky greyish hue. Ugly.
Revlon ColorStay 16 hour eye shadow palette

Monday, March 5, 2018

(review) Maybelline "Concrete Runway" palette

I bought this eyeshadow palette at my grocery store for half-off. The colors look beautiful in the pan but they are not very pigmented even over an eyeshadow base. Lame, right?
I applied the black and blue with a wet brush over my regular eyeliner. I used a dry brush to put purple in my crease, metallic gold on my lid, and white on my brow bone. This was an ok, relatively natural look and I was happy... Until...

The second pic is 6hours later- NO color left! LoL ridiculous! You can almost tell I had the purple in my crease, but even the blue on my eyeliner disappeared WTF?!
The City Mini Palette "Concrete Runway"
LMAO it ran away, that's for sure!!
* * * * * * *
Let's compare quality to an old Maybelline "Crown Jewels" eyeshadow trio I own:
The color pigment is crappy. I took this photo after applying multiple layers- even the darkest color in my crease is barely visible WTF! The only reason it looks somewhat nice in the pic is because I'm wearing NYX's "pearl" eyeshadow base--

Try #2 below I did not use eyeshadow base just to show you honest  pigmentation quality. It was so terrible I then tried to pack on extra color with a damp brush ☹️ omg still too "natural" for my liking:
This took me like 20min and it's barely visible!
Maybelline is a terrible brand.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

(haul) Bonne Bell at Dollar Tree

Lots of great Bonne Bell cosmetics at Dollar Tree this week! Fiber mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip lacquer, lip color, and eye define eyeliner pencils.
I love black eyeliner ❤️ so I want to warn you with these eyeliners: soft black is more pigmented than slate. WTF is slate?! Charcoal is grey. Slate must have been a mistake.
ELF products: moisturizing lipstick (Bordeaux Beauty), aqua molten chrome eyeshadow (Brushed Copper), lipliners, small tapered brush, blush brush, eyeliner pencils, liner & brow cream
KISS gel strong nail polishes
These dog shaped squishy toys are AMAZING!! Best purchase ever! It's a water bottle with a squeeker in the cap, dog crunches bottle and it makes extra squeeky noise- the head&legs are stuffed like a toy. Hours and hours and hours of fun 😂

Sunday, January 28, 2018

(haul) TJ Maxx/ Marshalls shopping for my birthday, yay!

A new TJ Maxx opened 1 block down the street from Marshalls lol does this make any sense? No. But I'm enjoying my shopping trips a little more lately☺️
Rosehip Seed Oil (I heard this was good)
MakeUp ForEver sets! Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks, waterproof eyeliners, AquaMatic waterproof eyeshadow sticks
Make Up For Ever AquaMatic waterproof eyeshadow sticks i-90 purple eyeliner mufe
Review: this pic of the black MUFE aqua matic waterproof eyeshadow stick was taken after 18 hours! No primer used. Awesome! It did not last on my waterline tho.

Kat Von D studded lipstick "Poe" (dark purple)
Rimmel brow kit: blonde gel and hazel pencil
40 Carrots: eye gel, vitamin serum
Britney Spears "Private Show" perfume gift set
This hipster pug painting is cute lol 
and "milk chocolate" gummi bears? wtf?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

(review) Bolero face wipes and body oil from Dollar Tree

These makeup remover wipes are great! Good amount of moisture, not too wet. There's a sticky peel-back opening PLUS a snap-tight lid; wipes won't dry out ☺️And best of all: the vanilla cream scent is delicious ❤️
Look at this dirty wipe- I didn't wear makeup today! So all that gross dirt is just pollution and sweat, that's gross lol Bolero is good!

The body oil on the other hand... Well, I don't like it much. The bottle sprays like a squirt gun, one strong squirt at a time. You're supposed to apply this right after your shower, on damp skin "to seal in moisture"-- seriously lol this is just mineral oil, not a miracle cure for eczema 😂 I noticed when I applied it to dry skin instead the scent was stronger, so I recommend that. I applied it to my legs and stomach. On me mineral oil clogs pores so I won't apply it on my chest or face. This body oil wasn't really worth $1 but I will reuse the bottle so whatever...
What I really would like to use this oil for is tanning! LoL in the summer I use baby oil to tan, same thing, but this smells better-- and this tiny bottle would be perfect to carry in my purse, apply to my legs while I'm eating outside on my lunch break 😉

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Walmart $1 Cosmetics Clearance- this is CRAZY!!

Holy Cow! I hit the makeup jackpot!
Almay "The Complete Look" palettes
Almay powder bronzer and blush quads
Revlon gel envy nail polish
Almay lipsticks
Hard Candy pigment makeup drops
Revlon 2in1 ColorStay foundation & concealer
Physicians Formula kits: "perfectly airbrushed", "flawless face"
Olay tone correcting treatment
Almay age essentials makeup foundation
Nail-Aid biotin nail strengthener
L'OREAL infallible lip paint
L'Oreal LA palettes for lips
CoverGirl outlast all day lip color
Hard Candy metalic mousse lipgloss, lip artiste duos
Almay age essentials lip treatment, concealer
Hard Candy glamoflage in clove, fawn
nail polishes: Revlon, Sally Hansen
HARD CANDY: all the color correcting end-cap display items went on clearance 50% off